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We Understand Malpractice Claims For Service Members And Veterans

Medical malpractice is an extremely unfortunate situation to be involved with or in. If you are the victim of this crime, you have been wrongfully neglected by the medical care providers to which you reasonably assumed you could trust your life and your physical health. This may include doctors, nurses, and all other medical personal that may be employed by a hospital or medical practice. Regardless of who may have physically and emotionally injured you, there must be justice so that you, the victim of this, may receive the due respect for your rights.

Each medical malpractice case is unique, but there are special systems set in place that address veterans medical malpractice. This involves medical malpractice that happens to veterans of the United States Armed Forces, especially those in VA hospitals. The FTCA allows individuals who are injured by the VA to bring a lawsuit against the VA for their negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured while receiving medical care at a Veterans facility and you believe that the injury was caused by the negligence of the VA or a VA employee, then please contact Andrews & Sanders for a free consultation immediately. Veterans medical malpractice is a very serious issue, and should be addressed as soon as possible in order to protect your rights and bring justice to the unfair circumstances.

Let our experienced attorneys evaluate your claim for you. We are both knowledgeable and seasoned in the area of veterans medical malpractice. If we determine that there is a need for any additional investigation in your case, we will consult with other medical specialists in that area and let them provide an expert opinion about your case.

If the medical expert’s opinion shows that your injuries were caused by a federal government employee’s negligence then we will file an Administrative claim. It is important to remember that the FTCA requires certain procedures that our attorneys are familiar with. You don’t have to worry any more than you already have. We know how to handle the procedures, rules, and regulations so that you can focus on getting your life back after this painful experience.

If the person that injured you is not an employee of the VA you are still eligible to recover; if the person is not a federal government employee then you probably don’t have to follow the requirements of the FTCA and you can file suit against that person individually following the State law. If you’re confused about which path to take, we can assist and counsel you in making the decision that will best fit your needs.

There are certain provisions that may prevent active duty and retired service members from recovering from the VA even if the VA’s negligence is clear, but this is not something you need to decide on your own- let us help you determine if one of those provisions excludes you.

Don’t Delay

The FTCA and Georgia statutes have strict time requirements for filing claims for medical malpractice- generally referred to as statute of limitations. These statute of limitations are very complicated- it is very important that if you were injured you contact Andrews & Sanders and let our experienced attorneys help you navigate these complex statutes. Time is of the essence with these situations, and the faster you sit down and let us get started fighting for you, the faster you can receive the justice you deserve. Please don’t hesitate. We are here and will take good care of you.

Call us today for your free consultation: 866-959-3108. Speak to an veterans medical malpractice attorney who is able and willing to help.