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Legal Advice Backed By Military Experience

military law

Military service members, veterans and their families face unique legal challenges in many situations. If you have a legal concern in which military law might be relevant, an attorney unfamiliar with that body of law may not be able to accurately advise you.

Many of our clients at Andrews & Sanders Law Offices are members of the military, and we have extensive experience in military law. We understand the practicality of military records and other types of evidence that could benefit you. We often represent service members at Fort Stewart Military Reservation and Hunter Army Airfield.

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A Law Firm That Service Members Can Rely On

Our attorneys are devoted to providing comprehensive legal services to military personnel and veterans. Military law touches upon a wide range of issues for people under its jurisdiction, and it is important to work with a lawyer who is familiar with the applicable law.

Within each of our practice areas, our lawyers are highly attuned to the unique considerations affecting our many military clients. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Uniform Code of Military Justice: We counsel clients facing courts-martial, military investigations and nonjudicial punishment for infractions ranging from DUI to murder.
  • Military divorce: If you are going through a divorce, it is important to work with an attorney who is familiar with military retirement and pension benefits.
  • Military medical malpractice: If you were injured during medical treatment that you received on post, there are unique legal limits on your ability to sue for malpractice.

To discuss your circumstances, request a free consultation at our Savannah office through our online contact form, or call 912-341-6861. We will represent you zealously, giving you the kind of help we would demand for ourselves if we were service members in legal trouble.