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Raised Insurance Premiums Are A Long-Term Consequence

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Having a conviction on your record for drunk driving or other alcohol related motor vehicle accident can lead to many consequences, such as serving time in jail or prison, a mark on your criminal record that will follow you on every background check. If your incident involved other people, you will also have to deal with the feelings of responsibility and guilt for any injuries or deaths that you cause. Your insurance costs will also dramatically increase as you face higher premiums for being a riskier driver. If you find yourself in this situation, facing arrest and criminal charges, then you should contact the attorneys at Andrews & Sanders Law Offices in Savannah so that you can know your rights and mount a strong defense.

Once you have a drunk driving conviction on your record, your normal driving privileges can eventually be restored or may be unimpaired, depending on the details of your case. Despite this, the presence of a DUI conviction can still have a complicated and expensive impact on your automobile insurance.

Effects Of A Drunk Driving Charge On Insurance Policies

When you receive a DUI conviction, your auto insurance most likely will respond with a variety of actions. While every case is different and there is no guarantee of what your insurance carrier will do specifically, an this can vary from state to state, the most likely response will be to cancel your existing policy or refuse to renew it upon its expiration. You may also find that your available coverage options are much more restricted, and your insurance premiums significantly increased.

There is no set amount that your premiums may increase after a DUI conviction, but in our experience you could see premiums double or more from what you are currently paying. This increase may be worse depending on if you have additional points or strikes on your driving record from previous DUI convictions, motor vehicle accidents, traffic violations, or a failure to pay your insurance bills.

How To Obtain Insurance When You Are Designated A High Risk Driver

Even after your insurance policy has been canceled, or the insurance quotes have risen significantly, there are still options that you can explore to obtain insurance coverage. There are smaller insurance providers as well as specific departments of large insurance providers that specialize in providing insurance policies for drivers who have been designated as high-risk. These are commonly known as a nonstandard insurance policy, and they are designed for people who are higher risk due to their history of DUIs or other negative driving records. While they are an option, these policies usually come with much higher insurance premiums.

Some state have taken the initiative of establishing systems that provide insurance coverage to drivers that are otherwise uninsurable in the normal insurance market, and these pass the cost of any incidents on to the insurance companies. In Georgia for example, a portion of the state’s uninsurable drivers are assigned to an insurance company by the state in proportion to the size of the insurance company’s customer base in the state, spreading the cost fairly among large and small providers. Other states have tried difference mechanisms as well, such as reinsurance agencies and joint underwriting insurance associations.

Speak To A Lawyer About Your Options

A drunk driving conviction can wreak havoc on your automobile insurance coverage. If you are feeling the negative effects of a drunk driving conviction, an attorney at our Savannah office can help you investigate solutions. Call 912-341-6861 or email us to set up a free consultation.