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Savannah police investigate shooting on East 55th Street

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Many crimes change their nature as the police investigation continues. For example, a robbery may become a first-degree murder charge if a person is injured while the crime is being committed and that person dies from those injuries. An investigation may turn up additional crimes committed by a suspect. Suspects attempting to escape arrest may threaten or assault a person in the hope of finding shelter from the investigation. A recent shooting in Savannah became a murder investigation after the victim of a gunshot died from his injuries.

The crime

Police responded to the report of a shooting in the 1200 block of East 55th Street just before midnight. The victim was reported to be an 18-year-old male who was hospitalized at Memorial Medical Center for treatment of what police called “life-threatening injuries.” The detectives who continued to investigate the crime noted their belief that the shooting was an isolated incident. The victim unfortunately succumbed to his injuries while in the hospital.

The investigation

Police have said that they identified all parties involved in the incident but that no arrests have been made or charges filed. Police are asking persons who may have knowledge of the incident to share their knowledge. This statement implies that several potentially innocent persons will be interviewed by police, and some of these individuals are likely to be arrested and charged.

Having legal representation may be essential

The continuing investigation is likely to be wide-ranging, and as noted, it may catch some innocent persons. Anyone who may be contacted by the police may wish to consult an experienced criminal attorney before consenting to a police interview. A knowledgeable attorney can evaluate the facts and provide helpful advice on handling the questions that may be asked. If charges are made against a particular person, a defense attorney can suggest potential strategies and, if appropriate, assist in negotiating an acceptable plea agreement.