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It is important to be aware of the current Georgia marijuana laws

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

As marijuana is increasingly legalized across the United States and its availability and acceptance are on the rise, Georgia residents could find themselves facing drug charges due to a lack of knowledge of state laws. Despite the rampant changes taking place, Georgia has not yet legalized marijuana. With that, those confronted with charges must still think about how to formulate a defense.

What are the Georgia marijuana laws?

In keeping with the trends regarding marijuana throughout the United States, Georgia’s lawmakers have considered steps to gradually legalize its use. They have yet to move forward in a meaningful way.

For people who need marijuana for medical purposes, they can possess it only if it has low-THC oil. Those who possess it in any other form can be arrested and charged. Those who have less than an ounce can be penalized with a year in prison and be fined as much as $1,000.

There are some cities that have reduced the penalties for its possession. Savannah gives a $150 citation for those who are caught. They will not be threatened with jail. This is true in other areas with various fines. That includes Atlanta, Athens, South Fulton and others.

Medicinal marijuana is viewed slightly differently from people who possess it for recreational use. The fundamental difference is the amount of THC oil. Still, medical professionals cannot prescribe it to patients. Edible products with THC oil are also illegal.

These laws are in place while the federal government is in the process of issuing pardons to people who were convicted of simple possession. People will also be free from being prosecuted for this at the federal level in the future.

Marijuana charges require experienced legal assistance

It is easy for people to become confused amid the rampant changes that are taking place regarding marijuana and its legality. In Georgia, those who misinterpret the law or are completely unaware of it may find themselves under arrest and facing charges.

Even if people do not believe it is a serious crime, they can still suffer the negative impact of it. That can include incarceration, fines, the charges and a conviction showing up on background checks and problems with their education and career.

After a marijuana arrest, it is important to have professional assistance with creating a viable criminal defense. They can assess the case, take the necessary steps to try and potentially reduce the charges, get an acquittal or have them dismissed entirely.