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Can I bring edibles with me when I fly?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

We often post on various criminal law matters on this blog. Most recently, we discussed flying with drugs and marijuana. In that post, we discussed how the TSA treats those found with drugs. However, we did not address edibles.

In this follow-up post, we will discuss traveling out of Georgia with edibles.

Various cannabis laws

As the laws on marijuana and edibles change across the country, it can become very confusing to keep track of what is legal and where it is legal. Indeed, in some states, even recreational use is legal, while in others, you can face stiff fines and jailtime for use.

What about edibles?

Just as we explained in our prior post about flying with marijuana for smoking, you also cannot fly with THC edibles. Cannabis infused products are just as illegal as cannabis itself.

Not as conspicuous as weed

Since the TSA is not actually looking for drugs or marijuana, unless the edible’s packaging makes it obvious that the edible is a THC product, it may not actually be flagged by TSA.

Agents may assume it is just candy. Indeed, even TSA canines are not trained to find drugs, so they likely would not tag you.

However, traveling with cannabis-derived edibles could put you at risk from other law enforcement agencies

Cannabidiol oil may be different

There is a difference with Cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil. As long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, CBD is approved by the FDA and in Georgia. As such, edibles with CBD oil may fly as long as they meet this threshold.

Keep in mind that liquid CBD oil still must comply with the TSA maximum liquid requirements.

The takeaway

Flying is stressful enough. Leave your edibles at home.

Even if you get away with it, you may have still broken the law. And, it is just not worth the risk.

If you are traveling to a place where it is legal, you can always just buy it there. But, if you are busted for drugs when you return, a Georgia attorney can advise you about your options.