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Going through the process of a military divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Military Divorce |

Getting married doesn’t always mean living happily ever after. Married life presents many challenges, and if a marriage doesn’t work out after many years (or a few years), getting through the divorce process can be really trying. If one or both of the spouses are in the military, that is something else again.

As sad and as regretful as divorce can be, it can also be a positive thing for the couple and their children, if there are children, because it may mean that harmony and happiness will be a part of their lives once again. However, the right support is essential.

What does a military divorce entail?

If you and/or your spouse are in the military, there are some unique details that you will need to keep in mind. Military lawyers have very specific expertise beyond merely handling divorces and they can help you to navigate the process in the most efficient, intelligent way possible. Here are some of the important details of which you should be aware:

  • Most of the laws and procedures concerning divorce are at the state and local levels. However, there are some federal statutes and regulations that are specifically from the military that may apply to your case. That depends on exactly where you file for divorce.
  • There are military legal assistance services that are available free of charge to military service members and their families. These services include:
    • Mediation: Mediation lets the two divorcing people meet with a mediator and hopefully come up with a compromise that they both agree to. In general, mediation is not as expensive as going to court and usually takes less time. Anything that is said in mediation stays in mediation.
    • Separate lawyers: Each divorcing spouse will be assigned their own lawyer.
    • Advice about legal issues: The divorcing spouses can get advice on divorce, child custody, income taxes, and wills.
    • Military lawyers (or judge advocates, or JAGs): JAGs are there for military divorcing couples. They can explain the facets of divorce that may be complicated or daunting.

Divorce is emotionally trying and a knowledgeable lawyer can help

As a military service member, getting a divorce has a unique set of challenges. That is why consulting with a knowledgeable Georgia military divorce lawyer can really make the process and your case go much more smoothly than it would have otherwise. You want to get through the process with the least amount of strife between you and your spouse so that the outcome gives peace of mind to everyone involved.