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Can I have emotional trauma from a car accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Car crashes happen every day. Indeed, if you drive around Savannah for long enough, you will either witness a car accident or be involved in one. And, the focus after that motor vehicle accident is usually on medical attention for your physical injuries. Rightfully so, as even low-speed crashes can cause traumatic brain injuries. However, flashy television commercials seldom discuss the emotional trauma accident victims fight after they leave the scene.

Emotional trauma common

Violence victims receive trauma. There is just no way around that, and car accidents are, by their nature, violent. Someone else’s negligence cause tons of metal to collide into your car or truck. Naturally, emotional trauma results.

Common emotional effects

Many car accident victims experience shock. Disbelief, nervousness, fear and worry commonly result as well. To be clear, for most, the emotional effects that result from a car accident go away over time. It is only that trauma that lingers or worsens that is the real issue.

Lingering issues

If your emotional trauma symptoms worsen or begin affecting your life, it might be post-traumatic stress. How can you tell the difference between normal systems and post-traumatic stress? There are signs.

First, your restlessness continues to the point where sleeping becomes a dream, and when you do fall asleep, nightmares haunt your dreams. The nightmares could relate to the car accident, but not necessarily. Anxiety is normal after a Savannah, Georgia, crash, but if it becomes debilitating or inhibits your ability to travel in a vehicle, then post-traumatic stress is likely the cause.

Signs others may see

Others may notice your struggles. They may notice your irritability, excessive worrying about unreasonable or uncommon issues and that suddenly, angry outbursts occur. If someone has mentioned this to you, it is time to seek help.

There is help

Mitigate post-traumatic stress through therapy or counseling. Mental help professionals train to help those with drama deal with it and overcome it. And, if costs are a worry, talk with your personal injury attorney as mental health services are compensable.