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Common causes of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Most of us frequently share the road with truckers, whether it is on our morning commute or a long road trip. Some people do not mind sharing the road with truckers, trusting the trucker will drive responsibly. However, the sheer size of a semi-truck along with negligent driving practices can easily lead to a semi-truck crash.

A truck’s size impacts truck accidents

A fully loaded semi-truck can weigh tens of thousands of pounds more than a standard automobile. This size disparity gives semi-trucks the upper hand in a collision with an automobile. Truckers need to be cognizant of this in order to avoid causing a crash.

In addition, semi-trucks are taller than a standard automobile and rest higher off the ground. This means that an automobile can be pushed under a semi-truck in a collision, often leading to driver and passenger injuries and fatalities.

Due to their heavy weight, it can take a semi-truck longer to come to a stop compared to an automobile. Semi-trucks may need as much as 40% more distance to come to a stop compared to automobiles. This distance increases if road conditions are poor or if the truck’s brakes are in ill repair.

Trucker behaviors impact truck accidents

Some truckers choose to drive when drowsy. This increases the chance they will cause a truck accident. While the federal government has rules on how long a trucker can stay on the road before they must rest, these rules can go ignored especially if the trucker is paid by the mile or paid per delivery.

Some truckers also choose to drive when drunk. Even one or two drinks can impair a person enough to affect their driving.

Finally, some truckers simply drive recklessly. They may speed, tailgate or weave between lanes to reach their destination faster.

Some truck accidents are made worse due to a truck’s size and weight. Moreover, some truckers engage in risky behaviors that lead to a crash. Either way, truckers must know the limits of their vehicles and drive defensively to avoid causing a potentially fatal truck accident.