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Is co-parenting possible after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Divorce |

The divorce process can be complicated and long. However, co-parenting, post-divorce will last for years, if not a decades. But, successful co-parenting is possible after a divorce.

Make a plan

At the conclusion of the divorce, the judge will issue a child custody order outlining the child custody responsibilities of each parent. However, planning is needed. If it is a 50/50 arraignment and the judge did not specify what that exactly looks like. This includes how child pass-offs will happen. For amicable divorces, this can be relatively easy, each parent will bring the child to the other when it is their time to care for the child. For less amicable divorces, a neutral-third party will likely be needed. The courts can usually make a referral for this service, as can most family law attorneys.

Holidays and special events

As the holidays have just passed, hopefully, parents have already worked these details out. However, if a holiday horror story played out this past holiday season, plan accordingly for this year. January is a good time to discuss how parents want to handle holidays and special events, like birthdays, religious holidays, etc. Once there is an agreement, stick to it and only modify it as true emergencies come up.

Together or separate

We all know that our Savannah, Georgia, children need stability, and this is true post-divorce. Indeed, it can be even more important after a divorce because a child’s life is thrown into the unknown. It usually means a different home, maybe a new school district, losing friends, etc. It can be a traumatic time.

As a result, many parents elect to maintain some family traditions post-divorce, like those they developed over the holiday season. This could mean celebrating together, dropping off a treasured dish to the ex-spouse’s celebration, maintaining family dinners with ex-family, etc. Whatever works for the couple, but the couple should endeavor to look for ways to keep stability, where possible.