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Driver killed in wrong-way Savannah collision

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Personal Injury |

The tragedy of an apparent weather-related fatal accident occurred last week on Truman Parkway in Savannah. The crash happened in the northbound lanes near the Montgomery Cross Road exit when a car drifted into the median and spun into the opposite direction of oncoming traffic.

According to police, a Nissan Pathfinder heading southbound entered the grassy median and rotated the opposite direction as it entered the northbound lanes, where a BMW X5 travelling north hit it on the passenger side. The Nissan driver died at the scene. Police indicated the cause as failure to maintain lane and adverse road conditions.

The impact of adverse weather conditions on visibility and judgement

Savannah experiences more than its share of fog and heavy rain that can make driving dangerous. Weather conditions such as precipitation, extreme temperature or high winds can significantly reduce visibility and traction, and also reduce the driver’s response time or ability to effectively maneuver. Wet pavement and high speeds will increase these risks.

Regardless of the type of weather, slowing down will allow the driver to respond to potential hazards. When driving in bad weather, it is important to remember how to respond in adverse road conditions:

  • In dense fog, reduced visibility is the main hazard. Turning on the high beams will make it harder to see, so it is better to use regular lights, or fog lights. Maintain distance from the next car, use turn signals early to alert other drivers, and watch for the solid or dashed white lines to stay in your lane.
  • In rain, turn on the headlights, drive in the middle lanes, avoid puddles, and maintain distance from cars in front.
  • In snow or black ice, watch the road for slickness, test the brakes for performance on a slick surface, do not speed, and take corners slowly so as not to spin.

What to do after a car accident

 It is important to remember what steps to take after a car accident. The drivers should first report the incident, exchange driver’s license and insurance information while waiting for the police to arrive, take pictures of the damage, respond truthfully and in detail to the officer about what happened, contact the insurance company, and if necessary, seek medical attention.

If the accident was due to another driver’s impairment, inattention or recklessness, it is possible to pursue a negligence claim in civil court that will allow the injured party to collect damages even if their actions contributed to the accident.