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Motorcycle fatalities on the rise in Georgia

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Personal Injury |

While the roads tend to see more motorcyclists during the spring and summer months, motorists in Georgia often see them year-round. Although fall is upon us, motorists of all vehicle types should be on the lookout for these small vehicles, as it is easy to have them go unnoticed. This is especially certain for drivers that fail to check their mirrors and blind spots or signal a turn. Such negligent acts could result in a serious or fatal motorcycle collision.

Causes for motorcycle crashes

An uptick in fatal motorcycle crashes in Georgia this past spring has caused safety experts to explore this concerning situation further. 2019, which is the most current data, experienced 170 motorcyclist fatalities. Even though bikers could take individual measures to increase their safety while operating a motorcycle, the reality is that there are a lot of risks on the open road, with a major one being other motorists.

A coroner in the state indicated that nearly 99% of the wrecks they have worked on that involved a motorcyclist involves a motorist that failed to see the motorcyclist. How does this occur? This often comes down to a motorist failing to take the time and look. They don’t check their surroundings be looking at their mirrors, surroundings and double check their blind spots.

Additionally, when motorists fail to use a turn signal, a motorcyclist is not placed on a alter that a vehicle is either turning in front of them or maneuvering into their lane of traffic. A negligent act by a driver could easily lead to a serious or fatal crash involving a motorcyclist.

Taking action following a crash

Motorcycle collisions are nothing new for Georgia roadways; however, the rate of fatal crashes is a concern. Thus, it is important to understand what the cause might be, as it could help reduce these catastrophic accidents. Additionally, understanding the cause can help those injured or impacted by the crash, as it could help one initiate a civil action to recover compensation for losses suffered.

A personal injury action or wrongful death suit are available to those impacted by a motorcycle crash. A civil suit could help one address damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, funeral costs, loss of companionship and other related damages. Thus, it is important to understand how best to navigate the matter, even though it is a difficult situation for victims and the loved ones of the deceased.