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Savannah accident leaves one dead, three injured

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Personal Injury |

A tragic car accident left one person dead and sent three people to local hospitals to be treated for their injuries.

This accident was unusual in that all four victims were inside a Savannah post office at the time of the collision.

The driver of the vehicle involve approached the post office. When she attempted to park, she pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. This sent the woman’s car over the sidewalk and careening into the glass window of the post office. She stuck the 4 victims with the car before stopping.

One of the victims was an employee at the post office while the others were customers. It was one of the customers who died in this unusual pedestrian accident. The driver of the vehicle was not physically injured.

Police are continuing to investigate this case, but they have called the crash an accident. They have made no comment on whether the driver was impaired.

Drivers are responsible even for careless mistakes

At first glance, it appears that this woman had no intention of hurting people when she drove to the post office. Also, thus far, there has been no indication that she was speeding, driving drugged or drunk, operated recklessly or was distracted. She just made a mistake.

Even so, Georgia’s laws require drivers to pay compensation even when they make understandable human errors. It was this woman’s responsibility to keep control of her car and operate it safely when trying to park.

Depending on the facts, other parties may be legally responsible for this tragedy as well. The victims will want to evaluate their legal options carefully in this respect so that can be sure that get full compensation for all of their losses.