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Brothers’ drug smuggling scheme disrupted

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

An addict’s need for illicit drugs does not cease upon the addict’s arrest and confinement. In many cases, inmates will use their contacts to make arrangements to smuggle drugs into a jail or prison. An especially blatant example of such a scheme was apparently derailed by the Chatham County’s Sheriff’s Department when it arrested two brothers on charges of attempting to smuggle drugs into the county detention center.

The scheme

One of the brothers was imprisoned in the detention center while the other brother remained free. The pair concocted the following scheme to get drugs into the detention center.

The imprisoned brother was often put on the landscape work detail, and the brothers saw a way to use this assignment in aid of their intended drug smuggling. The brother who was on the “outside” planted drugs at various locations around the sheriff’s office. He allegedly gave the locations to his inmate brother who was responsible for bringing the drugs into the detention center.

Execution of plan fails

The inmate brother found the drugs where they had been planted, and he attempted to smuggle them into the detention center by concealing them under his clothing. He was arrested as he attempted to cross guard lines in the detention center. The brother who planted the drugs was arrested one day later.

After the outside brother was arrested, both men were charged with attempting to bring contraband across guard lines at a state facility.

What next?

The two brothers are facing serious criminal charges. The media reports did not indicated whether either brother has a prior criminal record, but any prior offenses by either man could add to the severity of any sentence imposed upon conviction.

Anyone in a similar situation may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for an evaluation of the evidence and potential legal arguments that may prevent a conviction. A knowledgeable attorney may also be able to assist in negotiating a favorable plea agreement.