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Swift investigation is key to finding fault in a truck crash

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If an 18-wheeler strikes your vehicle, the results could be devastating. If you survive the crash, you could have life-changing injuries. 

Finding and interpreting evidence is critical in assigning fault for a truck-car crash, and a thorough investigation must begin swiftly. 

Exploring cause 

A truck with overloaded cargo violates both state and federal regulations and is a major cause of truck-related crashes. The cargo can easily shift, which makes the big rig difficult to handle. Braking distances subsequently increase, especially when the truck is traveling down an incline, posing danger to nearby motorists. Overloading also puts undue pressure on truck components, causing them to fail. 

Another common cause of truck accidents is drowsiness. The demanding schedule of a trucker often results in an unsuccessful fight with fatigue, leading to an accident. Fatigue and boredom make drivers susceptible to distractions that can result in a collision within seconds. 

Analyzing evidence 

After a truck crash occurs, the trucking company’s insurance agents typically quickly arrive at the scene. Because they may remove crucial evidence, it is equally important for those representing the accident victim to launch a similar investigation. 

In addition to the evidence that accident reconstructionists may find on your behalf, items such as the driver’s logs, alcohol testing results, the truck inspection reports, maintenance records and weight tickets may provide additional information about the cause of the crash. 

Looking ahead 

As the victim of the crash, you may face a mountain of medical bills that could include such costs as hospitalization, surgery and physical therapy treatments. You may also lose your income for a time while you cannot work. Seeking compensation to cover all damages is important, as is identifying every party that may bear liability for your injuries. Entities at fault for the accident could include the truck driver, the trucking company, the person who loaded the truck and even the company that provides maintenance for the vehicle.