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Will I lose my license after a DUI?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

People arrested for a DUI in Georgia will be faced with fines, community service, and jail time if convicted. They will also be subject to other penalties, including suspension and revocation of their licenses.

Different types of license penalties

Georgia uses three different methods when assigning license penalties to drivers. They are:

  • Suspension – You still have driving privileges, but they will be suspended for a specified period of time. For drivers convicted of a first DUI, there is a mandatory suspension period of 12 months, although you can request license reinstatement after 120 days.
  • Revocation – With revocation, you completely lose your driving privileges and license. At the end of the revocation period, you must retake driving tests to receive a new license. You will also need to satisfy all terms of your conviction.
  • Cancellation – If the Department of Driver Services requires more information for your license application to be approved and you fail to provide it, your license can be canceled until the issue is rectified.

Limited driving privileges

The court will sometimes allow a driver limited privileges during the license suspension period. You may be allowed to drive to work or school, to obtain medical care, or the transport an immediate family member to work or school. Allowances can also be made for hearings and other court-related activities, as well as to receive treatment for a drug or alcohol dependence issues.

If you are afforded limited driving privileges, the court will specify where and when you can drive, which vehicles you can use, and which routes you can take. If you violate any of these rules or are found to be in violation of other traffic rules, your limited privileges may be revoked.