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Do license points cause you to lose driving privileges?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Georgia drivers generally think that a DUI conviction will cause them to lose their driving privileges. However, other traffic violations could also factor in causing law enforcement to suspend your license. One violation may not do it alone, but over time, accumulating traffic convictions can build up points on your license. Too many points will result in a license suspension.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services explains that when a person receives a conviction for violating particular traffic laws, points are placed on the driver’s license of that individual. The number of points varies by traffic violation. You might earn a single point for an offense, or you may gain up to six for just one conviction. Accumulating 15 points in a period of 24 months will result in a suspension of driving privileges.

Georgia law typically awards a single point for texting while driving or violating the law pertaining to wireless communication while driving. Offenses that merit two points include having an open alcoholic container in your vehicle while driving. You might also incur two points for a failure to secure a load, except for farm produce, and that failure results in an accident. Drivers may gain three points for failing to obey a traffic signal or a police officer.

The most severe traffic violations relate to dangerous driving practices. Drivers who go past the speed limit earn varying levels of points. You only get two points for going more than 15-18 miles over the limit, but you would earn six if you speed more than 34 miles past the limit. Drivers may also accumulate six points for aggressive driving or passing by a school bus unlawfully.

The fact that driver license points may lead to an eventual license suspension is something to take into account if charged with a traffic violation. Some drivers just want to get a traffic violation case over with, but others may wish to contest the charge so they do not earn points. Because traffic cases vary, do not read this information as legal advice. It is only intended as general information on this topic.