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Military service and child custody

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Military Divorce |

Serving your country is a noble pursuit, but it may create issues in your personal life. If you are active duty in Georgia, you may find that deployments and moves interfere with your ability to parent your children. While you were married, this may not have been as big of an issue, but after your divorce, balancing your work and child custody is not always easy.

Military OneSource explains that you have certain rights as a member of the military when it comes to child custody issues. Remember that in any situation, the court aims to do what is best for the child and believes that having meaningful relationships with both parents is always a priority. This means the court may work with you and help to ensure you get time with your children. You also have to do your part to make sure you do not drop the ball and that you stay active in your children’s lives.

Know the law

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides you with the ability to delay court hearings if you are active duty or otherwise unable to attend due to your military service. There may be other laws that impact your rights as well. Make sure to understand all the applicable laws.

Have a plan

You also need to have a plan in place about what you will do if you deploy or if you have to move to a new state. This is something to address in your original parenting plan. Do not wait until you get orders to try to figure out what to do. If you know it is possible that you could deploy or move, then think about how you will handle that situation.

You should work with your children’s other parent to put together an effective solution for times when you cannot be with the children. This may be challenging, but it is essential to help protect your children and ensure the connection with them stays strong regardless of your physical ability to be with them.

Protecting your rights when it comes to child custody is not always easy as a member of the military. You have a unique situation that requires you to plan and prepare for separations.