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Accidents caused by debris on the road

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Auto accidents have so many causes, from intoxicated driving to drowsiness on the road. However, drivers need to be mindful of other risk factors that may lead to a crash, such as the presence of debris on the road. There are many different reasons why debris finds its way to the road, whether it falls off of a tree, is blown by the wind or falls out of a vehicle. Unfortunately, it can cause serious accidents that leave victims with major injuries or even leads to the loss of life.

In the fall, strong winds often pick up in many parts of the country. This can cause tree limbs to fall onto the road and winds can also blow other types of debris into the paths of drivers, such as plastic bags that obstruct a driver’s view when they are blown onto the windshield. Moreover, accidents may occur when debris falls out of a truck. For example, a construction worker operating a small pickup may lose debris because it was not secured properly. Or, a large truck that is hauling material may be responsible for debris falling onto the road or even onto vehicles.

It is paramount to go over your options if you were involved in such a wreck and determine whether or not you may be able to secure compensation by taking legal action. If you can prove that another driver was responsible for the crash, filing suit could help tremendously, at least in terms of the financial hardships that have entered into your life in the wake of the wreck.