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Are you divorcing a narcissist?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2019 | Divorce |

When you first married your partner, you had no inkling that he or she was a narcissist.  Now that the marriage has dissolved, the signs may become clearer. If you are in the middle of a Georgia divorce with a narcissist, it may be more emotionally challenging than a normal divorce. In a typical divorce, emotions are high and often the worst sides of a person can come to the forefront. With a narcissist, this is worse.

According to Psychology Today, you may not recognize a narcissist; instead, your partner may hook you with his or her charm. They may initially show their love in elaborate ways with showmanship. However, as the relationship continues, your partner will reveal his or her true feelings. Your spouse cares more about him or herself than anyone else. He or she will also be manipulative and abusive in an attempt to have his or her needs met.

Despite the abuse and manipulation, when you finally file for divorce, your partner will act like the victim. He or she is likely to be unwilling to compromise and will remain in a state of anger and vindictiveness. You cannot rely on him or her to see the relationship from your side. No matter what he or she did to hurt you, your partner will have excuses for all of his or her behavior. He or she may also use your children and weaknesses against you. There is very little that is off-limits to a narcissist.

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