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Sleep problems and the risk of a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Personal Injury |

There are many hazards that motorcyclists face, from poor road conditions due to heavy rain or fog to chaotic traffic during popular events or rush hour. However, sleep problems can also increase the chances of a motorcyclist. Not only do motorcyclists sometimes suffer from fatigue due to sleep disorders or a lack of sleep as a result of stress or an illness, but other drivers may collide with motorcyclists because they are sleep deprived. If you ride a motorcycle (or operate any vehicle), it is imperative to be aware of the dangers of sleep loss, fatigue and drowsy driving.

Sleep problems can make daily life difficult in many ways, whether someone is unable to perform their job duties properly or they become irritable. However, these issues are especially concerning when it comes to motorcycle accidents. A driver who is very tired because of a sleep problem may have more difficulty noticing a motorcyclist on the road or responding to a situation that occurs while they are driving. They may go over the speed limit, fail to use turn signals properly or drive dangerously in a myriad of ways. Sadly, these crashes have left many motorcyclists with serious injuries, and some have even passed away.

From demanding work schedules to driving in the early morning hours, going on road trips or adjusting to a different shift at work, there are many other reasons why drivers may be tired while behind the wheel. To read more about motorcycle crash consequences, feel free to explore our website.