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Long flights and driver fatigue

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Personal Injury |

People become fatigued for many different reasons, from excessive work schedules to sleep disorders. However, those who travel for business or for fun may become dangerously tired after long flights. Sometimes, even relatively short flights can leave people with potentially dangerous fatigue if they decide to drive after leaving the airport. Worse yet, many people rent cars or drive during the early morning hours after landing at the airport, which can make the chances of an accident even more likely. If you regularly travel or only fly once in a while, it is imperative to be aware of this risk factor before getting behind the wheel.

From long layovers at the airport to long-haul flights that traverse continents, flying can be very tiring. In some cases, people may not sleep for a number of days due to intercontinental travel, and this can make them a serious threat to themselves and others if they try to push themselves to drive. For some people, this advice is too late, since fatigued driving has claimed many lives and caused a massive number of injuries across the country.

If you were hit by another driver, it could be hard to tell if they were suffering from fatigue at the time of the accident or if they caused the crash for some other reason. However, if they mentioned that they recently got back from a long trip or you suspect that they may have been fatigued for some other reason, this may be an important factor to bring up in court should you decide to move forward with a lawsuit.