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Guiding You Toward Resolution of a Divorce

Divorce is an emotional and disorienting process for anyone. As you go through the various stages of divorce in Georgia, it is extremely valuable to work with a knowledgeable legal advocate who will keep the process moving smoothly and protect your rights.¬†Some law offices don’t offer compassion, sympathy, and empathy to their clients because they go through hundreds of divorce cases on a daily basis. At the law offices of Andrews & Sanders, we will offer you all of these things and more. We understand how difficult this process is for you, and we will provide you with a personal experience that is caring while meeting your needs.

At the law firm of Andrews & Sanders Law Offices in Savannah, we represent clients who are going through a divorce in Georgia and need help with the proceedings. If you are going through a divorce, we will help you seek a resolution that meets your personal needs. Contact us for a free phone consultation with a skilled divorce lawyer who cares about you and your unique case.

Addressing Each Aspect of the Divorce Process

Our firm guides clients through the divorce process with a focus on their personal goals. We counsel clients on all the different and challenging aspects of their divorce, including the following:

  • Child custody and visitation: The division of parenting time is based on the best interests of the child. Child custody also addresses decision-making responsibilities over things like education and health care. We take child custody very seriously, and we want the best possible arrangement for your child or children.
  • Child support: If one spouse is primarily responsible for caring for the child, the other spouse is generally required to pay child support, which is based largely on the supporting parent’s income and the number of children. With your child’s or childrens’ best interest(s) in mind, we will help both parties come to an agreement on the sum that must be paid: how much and how often.
  • Property division: For a divorce in Georgia, property that you and your spouse own jointly, as well as most types of property acquired during the marriage, can be divided by the court in a manner that is fair to both parties.
  • Alimony: If one spouse is financially dependent on the other, the latter spouse may be required to pay alimony on a temporary or permanent basis.

We will handle your case sensitively but with a firm resolve to pursue an outcome that is fair and appropriate for you and, where applicable, your children. When aggressive advocacy is called for, we will fight for your interests with every resource available. Here at Andrews & Sanders, we fight for you as if this were our own situation, while giving you the compassion and gentle assistance you need to help you cope.

Providing Effective Representation in Military Divorces

If you or your spouse is a member of the military, it is important to hire a divorce lawyer who is familiar with the unique issues affecting military divorces. Not all divorces are the same, and special laws apply to certain situations. Our attorneys are skilled at reading and interpreting military leave and earning statements (LES) and evaluating each spouse’s rights with regard to military retirement and pensions. Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) and AR 608-99. If you’re in the process of going through a divorce in Georgia, we’ve got all the information and support you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss what our attorneys can do to make sure your legal strategy takes into account your unique status as a military service member or spouse.

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